The Talking It UP Show

"Real Talk, By Real People, On Real Issues"

A strong voice & fearless voice for the communities' voiceless....a voice for all peoples and cultures.
With an origin in February 1, 2006, the show's guest list is extensive and the topics are humanistic. Avid listeners and viewers await the show's topics which range from programs provided by social agencies to programs provided by the school system and other social advocates often equip the audience with information they need to remain socially active, academically prepared as well as spiritually and mentally prepared for life's daily challenges or issues.
I tune in each morning to hear "The Talking It Up Show" . I want to say thank you and all members of your devoted staff that provide all people inspiration and up lift our day."
Ms. Chris, Tuscaloosa, AL

"They are power warriors for Jesus and wonderful host. May the Lord's divine hand of favor be with you in all you aspire to do in life. Keep the faith and never give up on God. The best is yet to come. Fight to win!"
Pastor Kenneth L. Gainous, Author "Be A Contender, Not Just A Contestant"
"I like the "Talking It Up Show" because it made me think about what my gift was and how could I use it to help people. I now ask for for revealing of my prayers after I heard the broadcast." Alicia age 15
"It made me think what my gift could be.   It makes me want to ask God for more." Christian age 11
"After listening to the show, I knew I had to have a talk with God about my life and the gifts He had given me." Felicia age 41